It diminishes the appearance of large areas that have been affected.

An Innovative Technique

Micropigmentation (MPG) is an innovative technique in DHI; It is used to decrease the appearance of large areas of hair loss, which have been affected by alopecia, genetic factors or specific health problems. It is applied in small spots that mimic small hairs on a scalp that is closely shaved.

The purpose of this method is to present the illusion of high hair density. Small spots are pigmented in the middle of existing hair or transplanted hair to help create the high density illusion that leads to a more satisfying look.
The micropigmentation tool is suitable to control the depth of its application and achieve a semi-permanent result (at least 2 to 3 years). The method is administered only by a trained DHI physician and not by the assistants.

Direct micropigmentation can be applied under the following conditions:

In cases of Androgenetic alopecia
To increase the appearance of existing hair density problem areas.
On high Norwood scales
For people who have a very poor donor area or have exceeded 50% of their extraction from the donor area. In this case, micropigmentation can be applied to both the donor area and the recipient area.
The non-operable cases of alopecia or disorders
Where hair transplantation is not recommended. If the patient suffers from systemic microangiopathy or cytotoxic drugs are found, or in conditions that could affect the survival of the transplanted follicles and a hair transplant is not recommended (type 1 diabetes, scarring alopecia, atherosclerosis or smoking, etc.). skin such as vitiligo, alopecia areata and other connective tissue diseases (lupus erythematosus, rheumatoid arthritis, scleroderma, etc.), Sarcoidosis or (total alopecia).

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