We developed a unique diagnostic system - the UDSA.

Advanced Diagnostic System

DHI Medical Group recognizes that the correct diagnosis is the basis for a successful and permanent treatment. That's why he developed a very sophisticated diagnostic system for hair loss, the UDSA.


UDSA - Advanced diagnostic system
The UDSA was developed by a team of world-renowned experts to provide an accurate diagnosis for all types of alopecia, hair disorders and scalp.

The UDSA examines each specific case, including the psychological aspects, a dermatological examination, mathematical aspects and the DHI alopecia test; before determining the appropriate treatment plan.

In our UDSA system we analyze:
  • Psychological aspects
  • Dermatological Aspects
  • Mathematical calculations
  • DHI alopecia test (with our advanced capillary diagnostic software).
    A team of DHI experts including administrative consultant, dermatologist, plastic surgeon, psychologist and endocrinologist are involved in the diagnostic process, according to the needs of each patient. An internationally renowned scientific council supervises and approves all alopecia treatment plans in Colombia.
Why do we develop this diagnostic system?

Research done by DHI shows that:

  • 67.3% (3 out of 4) of men and women suffering from hair loss opted for the treatment without an adequate medical diagnosis.
  • 3 out of 4 men and women suffer from some type of disorder related to hair loss.
  • That is, 63% of the population suffers from this disease.
  • Just as all people are different, so is their alopecia, just like their treatments.
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